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Charles Mound (IL)

Elevation: 1,235 ft
Date: July 29th, 2007
Group Size: 1
Miles Covered: About a mile each way
Difficulty: Scary looking cows along the way
Scenery: Rolling hills

The final stop on this weekend three-state HP trip was Charles Mound in Illinois. This highpoint is open to public only on four weekends a year, with this being neither of those weekends. However, the owners, the Wuebbels, opened the highpoint for this Sunday due to the highpointer's convention in Wisconsin. I expected to find quite a few other highpointers at the high point, but surprisingly, I was the only one. I parked by the unmarked orange gate, and walked up a path past some grazing cows, a little pond, and a red barn to a steep hill, top of which is marked by a summit sign and few chairs. I didn't stay too long - I had a plane to catch back in Chicago.

Summit sign

The highpoint is on top of the forrested hill above the red barn

View of the surrounding hills