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Ebright Azimuth (DE)

Elevation: 448 ft
Date: November 5th, 2005
Group Size: 1
Miles Covered: 1
Difficulty: This has got to be the easiest highpoint
Scenery: I got to see some nice Halloween decorations...

I visited Ebright Azimuth on my way back from the IEPC 2005 conference. I got to say, this has to be the most ridiculous highpoint. Some other drive ups I have done, such as PA and NJ, are at least in the backcountry. This one is right on the outskirts of Wilmington, in the Dartmouth Woods neighborhood. To make this a bit more worthwhile, I parked at the intersection of Abington and Ramblewood Drive, from where I walked up the hill past some really nice houses. Since it was right after Halloween, I got to see some neat decorations. After "summiting", I walked on the Ebright Road to Pennsylvania to Beau Tree area.

Summit monument

Photo of the surrounding wilderness