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Mount Greylock (MA)

Elevation: 3,491 ft
Date: October 21st, 2005
Group Size: 2
Miles Covered: 0.1
Difficulty: Drive-up
Scenery: Really cool looking tower

I tried climbing Mount Greylock in the winter of 2004, as a training for a winter Mount Washington ascent. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to go all the way to the top. Similar thing happened this time. Sarah and I hiked Mount Frissell in the morning. Although we probably could have hiked up Greylock too, we would need to hurry as neither of us had a flashlight. Instead, we settled for the easy way out, and decided to drive to the top.

Castle in one of the small towns in western Mass

We drove through several small Victorian towns in the western Massachusetts. In one of them, we passed by a big castle. If I remember correctly, it currently houses some academy. There was a restaurant near by, and we decided to grab lunch. This was a good call, since a girl working there was from Slovakia, my homeland. I think she was a bit surprised to hear somebody talk to her in her native language. I would be too, since besides my mom and a friend of hers, I do not know anybody else in the U.S. who is a first-generation Slovak.

Monument on top of Massachusetts

View from the top

Mount Greylock has a neat tower built on top. A spiral staircase leads to a several observation windows. We spent a short time on the mountain, and then headed back to Sarah's house in Connecticut. This was a long day, but I got two highpoints done.

Fall trees in the orange glow of the setting sun