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Jerimoth Hill (RI)

Elevation: 812 ft
Date: October 23rd, 2005
Group Size: 2
Miles Covered: 0.1
Difficulty: Easy, until property owners change their mind
Scenery: Well, it is a drive up, but RI is a pretty state

From what I have been reading, Rhode Island used to be one of the toughest highpoints to get. This wasn't so much due to a difficulty of the hike (it's Rhode Island!), but to a fairly unfriendly property owner, who had a reputation of chasing higpointers away with a gun. The reason is, RI is one of those states with a privately owned highpoint. However, new owners of the property, the Mosleys, recently changed their mind about access rights, and opened the highpoint every weekend of the year. Thank you! Since I came here on a Sunday, I took the opportunity to walk to the actual high point. It is located down a really nice pathway, past several barking dogs. However, I saw several summit markers on the trail, so I hope I went to the right one. I would sure hate having to "re-climb" this peak!

Summit marker, located on a private property

View of the road by the summit sign