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Panorama Point (NE)

Elevation: 5,424 ft
Date: May 13th, 2007
Group Size: 1 + car
Miles Covered: 5 feet?
Difficulty: My car's first highpoint!
Scenery: The view is quite panoramic: there are pastures all around

The second highpoint reached on my birthday after Harney Peak was Nebraska's Panorama Point. This highpoint is located right across the border with Wyoming, and most of the off interstate driving is done in that state. The peak is located on a private land, owned by a buffalo rancher. A somewhat rugged mile-long road leads from the "trailhead" (a donation box) to the summit. It's good that a monument was placed here to indicate its position, as it would be quite difficult to distinguish the highest dimple in this otherwise flat part of the state. The new highpoint stats: Lubos - 32, my car - 1. Good job car, you deserved it with the average of 35 mpg on this trip, despite the EPA rating of 23/30!


The summit monument and a herd of buffalo grazing on a nearby hill.


There were no tornadoes today, but dark thunder clouds were forming on the horizon.