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Mount Sunflower (KS)

Elevation: 4,039 ft
Date: November 27th, 2005
Group Size: 2
Miles Covered: 0
Difficulty: Boy, was it windy!
Scenery: You can see for miles from the top. Just too bad there isn't much to look at...

This was the third and final stop on a Thanksgiving highpointing trip to NM, OK and KS. We left Burlington, CO around 6 am, and arrived at this HP some one hour later. Yup, Kansas is pretty flat. It is also really windy.


It was really windy on this late November Kansas morning

Before coming here, I thought it would be funny to see a snowstorm on top of Kansas (and perhaps build a snow sunflower). I almost got my wish. It was snowing really heavily by the time we got back to Colorado. The snow eased as we headed back west, but we heard on the radio that the entire stretch of I-70 east of Denver to the Kansas border was shut down due to numerous accidents, including a 25 car pile up. We got lucky that we didn't get stuck in that mess. The drive back home was pretty but slow in spots (such as the Rockies). We didn't get back to Lancaster until 3:30 in the morning, 22 hours after leaving Burlington...

Snowstorm on I-70, somewhere in CO.

We decided against attempting Mount Elbert, due to the storm. I also got a huge blister. Nebraska's high point was "relatively" near by, but I figured that my 25th highpoint should be something a bit more impressive than a drive up. I am planning on returning to Colorado in early spring or late winter.