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Great Smoky Mountains NP (TN, NC)

Great Smoky Mountains NP (TN, NC), Maddron Bald

Date: 3 days, May 30 to June 1, 2003
Group Size: 3
Miles Covered: 35
Difficulty: Moderate
Scenery: A lot of old, big trees

This was my first time in the Smokies. The forrests here get really hazy and dark, with packets of fog rolling along. It gives this place a very surreal feel. Also, the fact that we were passing cemetaries along the way, didn't manage to lift the gloomy feel of this place. But regardless, this was a great trip. Click here for the map. My planning was off, as usual. In the Smokies, people are allowed to camp at established sites only. We planned on camping at #35 the first night, but didn't quite make it... So we camped right next to this cemetary instead. It was the only flat place we could find. Then the next day we could only make it to reserved campsite #28. So, basically, I hope that nobody from NPS is reading this!

This was Tuvshee's only like third or so backpacking trip, but that boy was in shape! He got back to the car on the third day over an hour before me and Brian.

This is the old fire lookout tower on top of Mount Cammerer

Brian checking out a waterfall