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La Bufadora

Date: Summer 2005

At some point in Summer 2005 (this is what happens when I procrastinate for 6 months to upload the pictures), I went to Mexico with my mom and with Sarah. We drove from Lancaster, through the completely insane Tijuna, down the very beautiful highway 1, until Ensenada, where we spent the night. The three of us went out for a bit, and stopped for a beer. Of course, since my mom was with us, we didn't get to do too much partying. Next day we drove little bit further south until La Bufadora, a famous natural ocean blowhole. We grabbed dinner at a seafood restaurant before heading back north. Even though I am not a big fan of the U.S. mex food (burritos and co.), I love Mexican seafood...


Views along Mexico's Highway 1

Tourist market by La Bufadora

This is the blowhole, when it is not blowing

Some dancer guy