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Date: July 20-22, 2012

This year we went to Cape Cod for Sandrita's birthday. This was the first time for both of us. We didn't know what to expect since some friends gave us the impression it was a rather boring place full of old people. But this wasn't the case at all. The Cape is awesome! We'll definitely try to come back.

We left Falls Church early Friday morning and got to Hyannis, MA around 5:30 pm. Bunch of people warned us of traffic but honestly it wasn't bad at all. We hit only a single slow patch on the bridge in Buzzard's Bay because of an accident. We stayed at the Hyannis Harbor Hotel. It was a bit pricey (about $275 a night) but it was right across the departure for Hy-Line cruises so it worked out really well in that we didn't have to drive anywhere. We walked around Hyannis downtown the first night and had really awesome dinner at the Embargo Tapas and Martini restaurant. Later we had few more drinks at the outdoor firepit at our hotel. Next morning we set off on a trip to the Nutcracker and Martha's Winery (also known as Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard).

Leaving Hyannis

Leaving Hyannis, MA

Few more photos from the boat. I liked how the boats were just parked in the middle of the bay.

Nantucket Island

And arriving at the Nantucket Island. This is the Brandt Lighthouse, a famous landmark on this island.

We really loved Nantucket. It's very pretty, with cobblestone streets, nicely manicured gardens, and plenty of boutiques. And of course, everyone wears pink shirts, shorts, and loafers. I even got me a pink shirt. Sandra found it on sale for only $25, it was hard to argue with that price!

We walked over to the Brandt Point. Some "southern-looking" couple was getting married there, it was a really small wedding with only about 10 people.

Sandra even walked barefoot on the beach!

Later we stopped for ice cream at The Juice Bar and lunch at Corazon del Mar. Here we had very interesting "Mexican Street Corn", which was a boiled corn ear covered in some spicy peppers and a cream sauce.

On to Martha's Vineyard

Our boat left Nantucket for Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard at 2:30 pm.

Oak Bluffs was a total opposite of Nantucket. While Nantucket was very classy, Oak Bluffs was like Ocean City, MA.

The boardwalk was about to explode from all the people. We later found out that there was some shark catching tournament happening this day.

Martha's vineyard gingerbread houses
But it was much less crowded once you got off the boardwalk. One of the neatest thing were these various gingerbread houses belonging to the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. These houses replaced tents used by Methodist revivalists starting with the Civil War.

Later we stopped by the Flying Horses Carousel, the oldest carousel in the US. During the ride you are supposed to grab these little metal rings from a dispenser. The last one is a brass one, and whoever gets it, gets the next ride for free. Sandra wanted to bet on who will get more rings (if you are good you can grab two or even three per pass). Let's just say I got a dinner for free! Before leaving for Hyannis we also visited Backdoor Donuts, which seems to be the Martha's Vineyard version of the Georgetown Cupcake. The line snaked through the parking lot and it took about an hour to get our apple fritter. It was delicious!