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Prague (Czech Republic)

I celebrated New Year 2000 by going to Prague with my friends David and Maria. We had a blast, and it didn't even cost us much. Food was really cheap - we could get a really good dinner plus a mug of beer for about 3 bucks. I am not sure how much housing cost, since we got to stay there for free. My aunt and uncle were in Ethiopia so we got to stay in their apartment for free. It was a huge 4 bedroom place with a loft, located right in the center of the city. Here are some photos from the trip I found laying around.

This is the Charles Bridge, built in early 15th century by Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV

Here is the Old Jewish Cemetery. It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe.

One of the most spectacular parts of Prague is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas.


Snow fights like this don't happen in Virginia much too often

Me and Maria

And here is my half-sister Peta, my dad's second wife Blazka and my dad