2014 Prague Marathon

Date: May 11th, 2014
Time (Lubos&Sandra): 4:32:52 (10:24 pace)

The Prague Marathon always takes place around my birthday. I thought running it would be a neat way to celebrate. So this year I convinced Sandra to join. This was her first marathon. She had jitters all the way to the start line, but ended up doing great! This is to a large part thanks to George Buckheit from Capital Area Runners, without whose weekly workouts we definitely would not have had such a great run. Thanks George and CAR, you guys rock!

Getting ready. The race starts on Staromestské Namestí (Old Town Square), near the famous astronomical clock Orloj.
The race then crosses over to Malá Strana, and then continues on the west side of Vltava where it crosses back, passes by the Hilton where we were staying, and then continues south of Old Town. Then rinse and repeat for a second leg on the west side of town.
One of the many aid stations. When running a marathon, it is very important to continue eating to delay the onset of the "crash". The race was very well supported with aid stations every 3km, containing sports drinks, banannas, and even wet sponges.
We ran into this American girl from Portland.
Radek ended up being our unofficial race photographer. I think he ran at least half of the marathon catching up with us.
We also ran into my family. They were waiting for us at the turn before Mánesúv Most.
From there it was up towards Libenský Most and around the Hilton near Florenc for the second time. Then once we passed the tunnel, it was just a 2 mile stretch home.
We did it! Sandra's first marathon!
The best part of running a marathon in Prague is the sausage Wenceslaw Square.
Above is the track from my Garmin Forerunner 10. The battery died 2 miles before the end. Also the official results

Below are some of Radek's Photos

Some of the many photos that Radek took.
And with the family

From Prague we continued off to Barcelona. Don't forget to check out those pictures.

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