Bishop Monster Trucks

Date: May 7-8th, 2022

This May was Sandra's 20th anniversary of living in the United States. She wanted to do something "American" to celebrate. Well, what can be more American than a Monster Truck Rally? As you will have it, I found one fairly local in Bishop, CA during the "Tri-County Fair". On the way there, we stopped in Lone Pine to say briefly visit our running friends Wendy and Bevin who just completed a Sierra trail race. We then proceeded to Bishop first to grab some food at the fair and see the show. This show was bit of a B-team of Monster Truck rallies. Basically, you get what you pay for. This even was quite cheap, but this means you didn't get any explosions, fireworks, or crushing of cars that you get at the more mainstream productions. Still, it was a good weekend gateway! We spent the night in Bishop, and had really a good barbecue from some roadside shack on the way back. We also visited Keough's Hot Springs.

Late season snow still lingering around Mount Whitney
Monster truck jumps
Other monster truck
This truck flipping itself over
The show ended with quad and micro sprint racing
At the fair. Also we stumbled upon the Pythom aerospace startup in Bishop.
At the rally. The next morning, I went for a trail run.
On the way back we stopped by the Keough's Hot Springs. We also found a barbecue restaurant along US-395.

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