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May 14th, 2013

We arrived back in Hanoi around 4pm. At 7pm we were catching an overnight train to Da Nang, about half way across the country. Our true destination was the historical city of Hoi An, a short taxi ride away. We assumed that there will be a dining car on the train so we didn't really pack any food. This turned out to be a mistake. There was no dining car, except for a guy selling stuff from a cart. Stuff including chicken feet, which wasn't something we were particularly in the mood for then (or ever). Luckily we were sharing our compartment with a French family who had their travel agent pack them food and they shared with us their leftovers.

On the train to Da Nang. We didn't starve thanks to this nice French family.
View of the famous beaches along the way and the food cart offerings. No thanks!
In Da Nang, no comment

May 15th

In Hoian we stayed in the Sunrise Resort. This was the most expensive place of our trip and also my least favorite. The hotel is nice, it was just too touristy, I guess. Also, the water in the pool was unpleasantly hot. Not sure if the pictures capture it, but if Vietnam is hot, Da Nang is super extra HOT. I felt like I was getting a heat stroke just walking around the city. It was hard to find a reprieve from the heat since restaurants were just as hot inside, even in the shade, due to lack of conditioning. So seeing a clear pool seemed so refreshing and enticing. Until you tried to jump in and realized that even the water was hot!

Our welcome drink. Most hotels we stayed in treated us with a drink while our registration was being processed. Also the hot pool and a welcome cake. Stating you are on a honeymoon when booking the room rewards you with goodies on arrival!
Evening stroll through Da Nang. This city is not to be missed. Hot but spectacular.

May 16th, 2013

The next morning we borrowed bikes from the hotel and went for a ride around the resort. We also took some picturs on the beach before going back to town for more sightseeing.

Sunrise and various tropical fruits we got for breakfast: lychee and passion fruit!
Photos from our bike ride
Sightseeing in Hoi An, including the famous Japanese covered bridge
Can you feel the heat?
elderly vietnamese couple
Some of my favorite shots from Vietnam, caught this elderly couple on the river passing through the historical downtown.
Traditional Vietname house (probably House of Tan Ky)
Later on we went for a massage at Ginger Spa and then went for dinner at Fullmoon Town restaurant
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