2007 Los Angeles Marathon

Date: March 4th, 2007
Time: 4:39:28 (10:39 pace)

I am posting this report in 2017, 10 years after running this race. The 2007 Los Angeles marathon was my first ever marathon. I got into running while living in Lancaster, working at AFRL. At that time I was also active with the Sierra Club, and met a Czech girl named Gabriella on one of the hikes. She mentioned she was running the race as well and we ended up training together. Our training runs consisted mainly of running along the Santa Monica boardwalk. This race followed the older course that started in Studio city and ended in DTLA. I don't remember much from the race itself anymore, but apparently it was enjoyable enough since I signed up to run Big Sur only a month later. One thing I do remember is coming down with a case of really awful bronchitis. I spent the two weeks after this race popping antibiotics. I read somewhere that getting sick is fairly common after a race (probably more so if the training is not adequate) since the immune system can become compromised from the exertion associated with running a marathon.

At the expo
Pre-race photos
After the race. The medal from the 2007 LA marathon is still one of my favorites
Finish line in DTLA
LA 2007 marathon course map

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